Tuesday, 14 May 2019


For today's graphics lesson/period we were told to write five specification our wearable tech must have. My five specifications were:
1. Must be waterproof
2. Must only have one button
3. Must have a flexible band (rubber)
4. Must have one batteries
5. Must have a clear screen
These are my five important specifications my wearable technology (watch) must have.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019


For the past few graphics lesson we have had, we did a timeline on wearable technology changes. I chose to do mine based on earphones. As you can see, from the first earphones up until now, there is a big difference. It went from cord to cordless, from big to small. I find this research interesting because it doesn't feel long until these changes happened, and I wonder if people still remember these changes or these "old fashioned" earphones/headphones. Hopefully we get to do this again and if we do I'll choose another wearable tech like a watch.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Science Trip

Last week Friday we went on a trip to two places, but did three things. We went to Pt England Reserve and to the Glen Innes swimming pool. It was an exciting trip, although I did not participate due to me being sick. I did enjoy watching everyone else participating and communicating with each other. For our first session we did a survey on the sea shore. We found a lot of shells instead of interesting things, like tiny fishes or shrimps or even crabs. For our second session we did snorkelling and learnt new tricks. The class had fun participating and swimming with the instructor and their partners. For our third and last session we picked up rubbish. The purpose of this was to examine carefully on what people throw away here at Pt England Reserve and to help the environment. After that we walked back to our various destinations. I learnt that the basic rules of wearing snorkelling gear and I learnt and witnessed the amount of rubbish that can be found, but still can be a lot of rubbish. I can apply these skills into my daily life by helping the environment by picking up rubbish and teaching other people how to snorkel. I enjoyed the trip and hope to go again.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Mathex 2018

P.E - Social Responsibility

For today's lesson of P.E we played moon ball and bench dodge-ball. We split into two team, yellow & green, and played game after game. As we played we had to think about what level of social responsibility we were in. Social responsibility is your attitude & values in making good/responsible choices. This also leads to your behavior toward your learning (physical and health education) and outside your learning. My partner (Lani) and I felt that we were more based on level two then level 1 or 0. Although we started off a bit negative with our choice of words we managed to move up and pass that and fall into level 2, the involvement level. We both feel like that we could improve our skills to level five by working our way up. We can start by working on the level three ("Self-Responsibility"). We can start from makes good choices cause we feel that we show respect to the people in our class and work our way down the list. Although we already filled most of the stages in level three we will focus more on the ones we don't.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Sharing my learning in year 10 science

For the past few weeks we have been learning a lot in science. Like the nutrients and their functions and even reflected about our environment that is wrapped around us everyday. For my environment I did:
1. People/Family/Friends
2. Physical Spaces
3. Church (Mormon)
4. Sports
5. School
6. Art (Sketch)
These were the things that I am surrounded by everyday and that had an effect on me, they are also my values. These six important things that I value are apart of my environment.

1. People/Family/Friends
I see my family everyday, I am surrounded by them out and inside of school.

2. Physical Spaces
I go to the park on Saturday's wit my family. It's my way of distracting myself from the WiFi and spending more time with my family.

3. Church (Mormon)
I go to church on Sunday's, it has an effect on me because as a Mormon their are certain things that we can and can't do, but it is completely our choice. It's like a test everyday.

4. Sports
I play sports at school (P.E & Brake Times). It's my way of keeping active and distracting myself from the games online and being lazy.

5. School
My learning takes part at school in the classrooms from Monday to Friday. It has an effect on me because I go to school to learn and expand my knowledge.

6. Art (Sketch)
Art is important to me because it's an amazing gift to me and it's my way of keeping the family tradition alive.

The class and I also learnt about the six nutrients. Our teacher (Ms Wells) set a slide with questions and gave us the decision to pick one out of the six nutrients. We were put into groups of two or three, There was only two of us in my group (Whitney & I). She gave us about 30 minutes to complete the slides with the questions so that we could present it in front of the class. My group took the topic of unsaturated fats and oils. We completed the slides, but some of our data was incorrect. We found that doing this in groups was easier than doing the work separately. My partner and I enjoyed it and found it interesting because we found out things we never knew before. I hope to do this again and next I would like to learn more about the six nutrients.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Metal Works Techknology

For the past few weeks of metal works technology our class had a choice to do either a pizza cutter or cake server. I chose a cake cutter because it could be useful in my house. This took me a bit of time to make it, but I finally finished it on time and now I get to take it home. This was an amazing experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. I am happy of the outcome and glad to take it home. I found this easy to do because I got help from my teacher, Mr Naicker.